Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento for Your eCommerce Store

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August 17, 2022
9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento for Your eCommerce Store

Among several eCommerce platforms available today, Magento continues to state its position as one of the top three biggest platforms that users are favorable to using. Because of its unique features and exceptional functionalities, Magento is gaining popularity, and more store owners prefer to build their websites on it. While you can use the platform for every business, using it for an eCommerce store has its unique perks.

Besides the platform's exceptional features and flexibility, many other reasons encourage businesses to go for Magento instead of other platforms. As a Magento development company in Ahmedabad, we want to highlight nine reasons you should consider Magento, especially for your eCommerce store. So without further ado, let's get to it!

It is an open-source platform

While the platform is open source, you get complete control of your website. The functionality is also customizable, and the source code can be modified. Developers can also work on the website with complete freedom. Plus, the community edition of the platform is free to use, which also makes the platform cost-effective.

It is mobile-friendly

Mobile users have become the primary audience for eCommerce business, and Magento is aware of this. As a result, the platform offers a native mobile experience. So no matter what the device's screen size, such multi-responsive websites adapt perfectly. After all, mobile users are bound to keep increasing day by day. So it is vital you choose a platform that lets you build a mobile-friendly website.

It is SEO-friendly

In this day and age of the internet, you want a website that ranks higher on the SERPs and drives inbound traffic. Every business needs SEO today, especially an eCommerce store. This need makes Magento a perfect choice for building your eCommerce store. Fortunately, the platform helps your website get visibility through SEO. The platform supports URL structure, sitemaps, URL rewrites, meta tags, meta descriptions, etc.

It is secure

Security is one of the essential parameters for eCommerce stores since it deals with users’ payment details, personal information, and other sensitive data. Magento helps your website keep your customer data safe. Implementing PCI compliance, SSL security, and other security components help keep sensitive data secure, and your customer can safely navigate your website.

It is highly scalable

The benefit of this platform is that it comes with two editions - Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. The former is a paid version, while the latter is free. As per your business needs, you can choose whichever edition. The scalability of both these editions is such that you can easily scale them anytime you want.

It gives a rich user experience

A rich user experience, especially for an eCommerce store, is crucial. After all, you want your customers to navigate easily through your website and have a memorable buying experience. As compared to other eCommerce platforms, Magento offers a rich user experience. The websites built on Magento are multi-responsive that support multiple stores and languages, offering easy navigation.

It is easy to manage

Some platforms need too much effort to maintain. All websites that are Magento based are easy to manage and maintain. You can control each and every aspect of the website through the admin panel. Plus, the platform offers built-in tools to perform analysis and make reports in order to make insightful decisions.

As Magento is open source in nature, you can always subtract or add specific functions according to your business needs.

The platform offers various extensions

Magento also offers you numerous extensions at Magento Marketplace developed by Magento experts. You can choose any extension you like and implement it on your website. Since the extensions are pre-developed, they save you a lot of time and effort spent on coding.

Easy integration with third-party tools

An eCommerce store has payment gateways, multiple payment options, shipping and tracking services, etc. This means an eCommerce store is flooded with third-party integration tools. A platform like Magento makes it easy for you. You can configure your website’s backend code, and several third-party integrations or services in Magento conveniently.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you now know the benefits/reasons to choose Magento over other platforms. If you still have any doubts or would want to learn more about the platform, feel free to contact a web development company in India like ours. We can help you better understand if Magento is the best choice for your business requirements or not.

While the article focuses on eCommerce business, choosing Magento is a wise choice for any nature of business.

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