Top 5 Ways to Optimize Landing Pages

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April 25, 2022
top 5 ways to optimize landing pages

A landing page is a page where a visitor lands first. Is that your definition for a landing page?

Well, you may not be completely wrong about it. Logically, the definition may be true but do not confuse a landing page with a home page. Landing pages are more purpose-oriented and designed for a specific goal.

As a web design and development company in Ahmedabad, let us take you through landing page optimization techniques that we follow but, first, the right definition.

Landing page

In marketer's terms, a landing page is a singular page designed to achieve some conversion, such as a purchase, registration, download, subscription, or so. Users click on the landing page links on diverse digital platforms such as social media, search engine result pages, emails, messages, or more.

A landing page is usually not a part of the website, though it may be hosted on the same server. However, we can use CTAs (Call to action) to redirect prospects to the main website, although that may not be the best practice.

Talking of practices, let us dive into the top 5 methods of landing page optimization that we abide by.

Captivating hooks

If you fail to register in a viewer's mind, you may never be able to convert them into your visitors first. Hooks can be of many types, such as a social media copy, a PPC ad copy, and a newsletter among others. Based on the type, we create compelling content to attain a large volume of people coming to your landing page.

Design based on reading pattern

People tend to read in the F or the Z pattern; therefore, weighing a page's specific areas is important. It implies the need to balance the imagery and the text of your landing page such that skimmers can easily leaf through the page yet consume all the necessary information to convert them. As a website development company in Ahmedabad, we create navigational structures both creatively and strategically.

Multiple opportunities for conversion

Scrolling down the landing page, anything may interest the user to perform the action you design the page for. Now, having to scroll back and forth to find a call-to-action button increases the possibility of losing the prospect. Thus, we deploy multiple attractive conversion paths to achieve the objective.

Social proofs

Digital users are aware of fake reviews, so make sure you put genuine reviews that can add to your credibility and chances of conversion. With new updates from Google, it will add to the existing approaches to retain your website visitors.

Highlight value addition or offers

People don't just buy products or services that purchase solutions for their problems; hence it is important to highlight the outcome of your service or product so that people can easily connect. Also, promotional offers are good for boosting conversion; we make them quite obvious.

We have developed many successful landing pages that have tremendously multiplied conversions in our working history. If that rings a bell, the best website designing company in Ahmedabad is just a click away >>

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