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The core purpose of any social media platform is human connections. It can be human-human, business-human, and even human-business. But amongst the content overload on social networks, making these connections possible required creativity, conceptualization, ideation, and explicit content. That’s precisely what we offer to you as your

social media marketing company in Ahmedabad



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A fabulous social media presence is when you harmoniously leverage paid and organic outreach. As a strategic social media marketing company in India, we know how to balance this formula.

Social media marketing

Just creating a social media account will not get you, multitudinous followers. You need to specifically reach out to them, for which you must run ads on social media. Take any social network; the population is massive, so ads are worth an investment and a promising one. You can trace every dime you send to evaluate performance, whatever your objective. Typically, the goals are either expanding the follower base, driving traffic to the website or landing pages, or generating leads, awareness, or product sales.

Social media optimization

As the account matures, you have a certain number of followers who are religiously consuming the content you post. Hence, social media optimization pertains to helpfully engaging these followers so they become your advocate and you can accelerate towards your business goals. SMO also entails account setups, posting, scheduling, campaigning, and reporting activities to keep the wheel rolling month after month.

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Humans are social animals. Hence, social media marketing!

Why choose Gatistvam for Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the first thing people see when they wake up. Relates? We are up daily to tap on trends that help you create a solid impact for your business. Though we are a

social media marketing company in India

, we have created a strong social media presence for global brands.

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The budget varies for each platform, campaign type, duration, reach, and other criteria. We can give you an estimate upon gathering detailed ad requirements from you.

With social media presence, you can acquire new customers, interact and get to know your customers, create your brand identity and become unforgettable. With Gatistvam as your social media agency in India, we make your investment worthwhile.

It depends. While social media optimization is inevitable, running ads depends on needs and objectives. Share your vision with us so we can suggest what’s best for you.

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