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Google is the epitome of information, which makes it a go-to search site. People come here looking for information every second. You have the opportunity to promote your business to these searchers through your product or services. That’s where SEO steps in! As an

SEO company in India

, we undertake all the optimization techniques to present your website with valuable content for these searches. When they find you useful, it helps you achieve your business goals.


Our SEO services


As a promising SEO company in Ahmedabad, we rigorously follow this checklist to help you climb up the ranking ladder and unleash exponential growth.

Content optimization

An SEO audit is the diagnosis of your website to detect problem areas that we would optimize using various techniques.

Keyword research

To rank, first, we need to determine the keywords for targeting. These are the search terms of users that we aim to match.


An SEO audit is the diagnosis of your website to detect problem areas that we would optimize using various techniques.

On-page SEO

There is a lot on the website, along with content that falls under the wing of SEO—for instance, meta, anchor, header tags, sitemaps, etc.

Off-page SEO

Off-page or Link building is a crucial SEO technique to drive a volume of traffic from quality sites to your website by creating backlinks.

Google Analytics

With Google Tag Manager and other tracking codes we use, you may gain data-driven insights into factors that benefit you or the opposite.

we Audit > Optimise > Report


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Test & Deploy

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Why choose Gatistvam for SEO?

Simply put, we nail it! Throughout our working history, we have proved our expertise as a sound SEO company in India. We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which covers a range of technical and non-technical services to help websites rank higher and enjoy large traffic volumes. Includes services such as site audits, keyword research, and other mentioned above on this page. We implement these techniques so businesses gain not just ranking and traffic but business credibility, trust, engagement, and an increase in sales.
If you think SEO will put you first on Google overnight? That won’t happen. SEO requires consistent month-on-month efforts to gradually climb up the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) and secure spots in the top ten. Thereby, it is wise to say it may take two, three, or even six months to attain top rankings.
As a sincere SEO company in Ahmedabad, our digital marketing practice is entirely transparent. We provide extensive reports every month where you can track the performance of all our activities, ranking on keywords, traffic, and much more.

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