Reasons PHP Continues to Be Popular in 2021

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May 19, 2021
Reasons PHP Continues to be Popular in 2021

PHP has been around for about two decades now and it doesn’t seem to lose its relevance even in 2021. Statistics say it all! PHP is used by about 79 percent of all websites and that means 8 out of every 10 websites on the internet have used PHP owing to a number of benefits it offers. If you are looking to get a website developed in 2021 and wondering whether or not PHP is the right pick for you, the answer is a BIG YES! Below are listed a few out of the many reasons why PHP continues to be relevant in 2021.

PHP is a server-side programming language

PHP is preferred by both developers and enterprises because it is one of the most used server-side programming languages ever, say PHP development companies. Being a server-side language, developers can easily create robust and highly scalable websites.

PHP is open-source

Since PHP is open-source enterprises do not have to pay any extra when it is used in the development of their website. Hence, it is an apt choice for enterprises with a limited budget.

Agile websites

A reputed Website development company in India says that PHP based websites take way lesser time to load as compared to those based on other programming languages. For this reason, PHP based websites are considered SEO friendly. PHP websites are easy to deploy and for this reason, PHP is preferred by website developers.

Rich libraries and easy to use tools

Top PHP development companies in India say that PHP has several rich libraries and easy to use tools that help developers make customizations the way they want. They can also use it with other languages such as Ruby and Java to create desired functionalities. As a business, if you need a website with plenty of customizations, you should go for this powerful framework.

Integrate with the latest technologies

PHP deserves to be your go-to language as it can be easily integrated with the latest technologies, for instance- cloud infrastructure. As you know businesses are investing quite heavily in cloud infrastructure to curb their storage related challenges. PHP is cost-effective and easy to integrate with the latest infrastructures. It can also be combined with IoT which happens to be the most used technology across the world.

Community of developers

Website development companies in India are fond of PHP as there is an active community of PHP developers who are always there to help. They can be approached for updates, suggestions and improvisations.

Hope you found the post useful. For more information about PHP development or a PHP development company in Ahmedabad, feel free to reach out.

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