8 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Website

8 Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the powerful website builders. It makes website development easy, flexible, and secure. For this purpose, you need top-notch WordPress plugins for the finest results.

Plugins allow the website to boost site speed, improve Google ranking, create an online store, secure your website, and whatnot!

Without further ado, let’s look at the best WordPress plugins for your website.

WPForms - Let your visitors get in touch with you


Websites need to have forms to connect with your business without fail. WPForms is the most convenient plugin for creating forms of several kinds: contact forms, subscription forms, payments forms, and more.

MonsterInsights - Know your audience


MonsterInsights is one of the best plugins that enable the site to connect with Google Analytics. To attract more traffic and enhance your leads. However, you need to understand your audience.

MonsterInsights presents all the necessary statistics inside your WordPress dashboard. To learn more about this plugin, consult the finest website development company in Ahmedabad.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) - Be on the first page of the search result

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

Google algorithms keep updating at regular intervals. That necessitates utilizing the finest WordPress plugin - All in One SEO. Features of this plugin make SEO practices easier to execute that end up captivating traffic to your website.

WP Rocket - Boost your website’s speed and performance

WP Rocket

Are you afraid of a high bounce rate? Then, this plugin is the ultimate solution. With the WP Rocket plugin, you upgrade your website’s speed and performance, which is vital to retain visitors for a more extended period.

Pretty Links Pro - Make your affiliate links short and sweet

Pretty Links Pro

The Pretty Links Pro is one of the best WordPress plugins for link management. This plugin makes long affiliate links short, speakable, and shareable links. You can manage social links, URL redirects, affiliate links, QR codes, and much more with Pretty Links Pro. Need a hand to install these plugins? Hire the best WordPress development company in Ahmedabad.

LiveChat - Offer real-time support to your visitors


LiveChat lets you solve visitors' queries fast and also boost conversion rates incredibly. You can also utilize AI-powered chatbot software which will be a combination of human and AI responses.

Sucuri - Secure your site from attacks


Sucuri plugin makes your site secure and offers a web application firewall that is the premier protection for the website. This plugin protects the site from any attacks and straightens security. Take a website development company on board and leverage all its benefits.

UpdraftPlus - Get an automatic backup of your website


The UpdraftPlus plugin sets an automatic backup of your websites and stores them securely at remote locations, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, email, and so on. Restoring your website is also a smooth task with UpdraftPlus.

WordPress has numerous plugins to serve the best results of the website for visitors and site owners. You can consult Gatistvam, the best web design and development company in Ahmedabad for your requirements.