5 Essentials of an Excellent Website Design

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March 22, 2022
5 essentials of an excellent website design

World today is shrinking not substantially but virtually. Markets are coming closer leading to a very competitive scenario for the players. On top of that, with updated technologies and expansive use of gadgets every individual is having easy access to this infinite pool of data. Not limited to it, the buyer is even educated enough to decide the best suitable option out of this huge spread of offerings.

To sustain a given scenario, and to remain among the top few, the prime thing to take care of is your “Website”. Yes, it is your web design and web presence that create a very first impression in the mind of the user. With this intention, we, as the best web design company in Ahmedabad, would like to share with you ‘The First Five of Web Designing’.

First Five for Finest Website Design


Researchers say that a visitor tends to spend an average of 2 minutes on any particular website searching relevant offerings. For this make sure your website loads the pages with optimum speed. For this, you can use website testing tools to check website speed instead of updating the entire website. Quickness enhances the visitor experience for your site.


An overbearing website confuses the visitor of your website. It’s like serving every item on your plate at one go. To avoid confusion and complication try making the navigation bar simple with minimal design options. You can categorize offerings and bifurcate them under submenus with drop-down options. This creates an ease of navigation and offers a better understanding of your services and products.

Relevance of Data:

It is not the volume but the preciseness, accuracy, and authority of the data on your website that matters to your visitor. Irrelevant data can chase away your visitor in a matter of seconds. As per Google Algorithm, it is this average time and bounce rate which decides your relevance and ranking on SERPs. So, be explicit and simple in providing the information.

Make it Interactive:

Adding some relevant audio-video visual mix creates a good memory for visitors and aids an easy brand recall for your website. You can enhance the website experience for your visitor with a few CTAs calling for some immediate response, feedback, suggestions by putting some interactive links or buttons. This will even aid you in understanding the intent of the visitor.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Last but not least from our side, the penetration of mobile networks and usage of smart mobile sets has gone way beyond expectation. And all this is happening so fast that to reach the last prospect, your website must be mobile-friendly. For this, your website must have a responsive design, which displays and fits well with any gadgets be it a laptop, mobile, notebook, desktop, or any brand of gadget.


These are, the first five website design essentials we would wish to suggest out of our years of experience as a website design company in Ahmedabad. At the end of the day, one wants to see a happy visitor turning into a loyal customer. For more information on making your website design impressive contact us at: info@gatistvam.in

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